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What is art therapy?

what is art therapy

Art therapy draws on characteristics from the fields of psychology and art to create a distinct new form of therapy where healing is facilitated though creative self-expression.  It is unique in that it fuses together two forms of communication - visual and verbal.

How can art therapy help me?

how can art therapy help me

Freed from having to find 'the right words' to describe your circumstances, self-expression through art therapy empowers you to live a more positive, meaningful life through the attainment of self-knowledge, which in turn increases one's sense of direction, purpose, and self-esteem.

What if I can't draw?



Art therapy is not about art skills, although sometimes an individual’s belief that ‘they cannot draw’ may take time to overcome. The so-called ‘artistic quality’ of the art piece is irrelevant to the therapy process, and you are encouraged to ‘let go’ of any negative judgement.


Individual Art Psychotherapy

individual art therapy

Your images become a starting point for conversation. You reach your own conclusions and make your own decisions about presenting issues. It is a unique three-way process between you, the therapist and the image and as such can be less threatening and less confrontational than other therapies.

Group Art Therapy

group art therapy

Small groups engage in guided creative arts activities, where the emphasis is on the process of creating not the result.   You may choose to share in discussion about how you felt during the activity, the emotions that arose, the thoughts that presented themselves.

Individual Counselling

individual counselling

  For those of you seeking an alternative to, or stepping stone towards art therapy, you are supported and encouraged to engage in discussion about issues causing concern and work towards creating resolution in a way that suits you and builds your skills for the future.


Client Focus

client focus

  Focus includes the needs of women, those high on the Autism Spectrum and spiritual direction.   However,  all clients and their needs and circumstances will be considered.

 Therapies can also be successfully carried out by phone and in certain situations travel to your home may be arranged. All services are confidential.



Craft activities have been proven to positively impact mental well-being and lead to an increased sense of purpose and accomplishment.

 Coming soon, learn to cultivate your creativity through simple sewing projects. ‘Mend yourself by making’ is a presentation offered to community groups.

Kathryn's Qualifications


  Bachelor of Arts (Theology) Murdoch 

Diploma of Secondary Teaching (NCAE)

Clinical Pastoral Education (RPH 400hrs)

Certified Personal Coach (Coach U USA)

Art Therapy Certificate (CECAT) 

 Art Therapy-Distinction ( C of Ex. UK) 

 2018 Centre of Excellence (UK) Award ‘Highly Commended' in 'Inspiration’' category 


... your companion on the journey.

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Art Therapist, Counsellor, Educator,Theologian

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